Recommind, LexisNexis Partner for Extended e-Discovery

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If ever there was an enterprise inter-department flashpoint, it must be the one at the juncture of IT and legal departments, where e-Discovery requests and technical capabilities meet. To defuse potential problems and make e-Discovery easier, Recommind (news, site) and LexisNexis have formed a partnership that will offer Recommind’s hosted e-Discovery review platform with LexisNexis Hosted Litigation Solutions.

Between them, the companies will be able to offer what could be one of the best-developed hosted e-Discovery review and analysis platforms without having to use IT resources that could be deployed better elsewhere.

As a result of the partnership, companies that sign up for it will be able todeployAxcelerate On-Demand, which enablesmultiple users to work and collaborate on one case through a secure, centralized web-based interface.

Recommind, LexisNexis

LexisNexis (news, site) will bring to the table, through its Hosted Litigation Solutions group, a collection of litigation software, including a hosted version of its discovery and pre-discovery management software, as well as access to Axcelerate On-Demand.

It also brings infrastructure capabilities and a globally diverse IP network to ensure global business continuity in the event of unforeseen disasters, the recent earthquake in Japan being a good example.

The US-based service will enable enterprises and law firms to reduce the costs and timelines associated with document review and analysis as part of litigation and regulatory investigations.

Demand for Axcelerate-on-Demand on its own has been lively, according to Recommind, and with LexisNexis and the new market possibilities that it brings, it appears to be expecting even greater demand.

Customer demand for Axcelerate On-Demand with Predictive Coding outpaced our original estimates for 2010 with 500% growth year-over-year… To accommodate this accelerated demand, we chose to build a relationship with LexisNexis because they have the best facilities and expertise in the US and provide a strategic opportunity to expand our joint offerings beyond document review,”said Bob Tennant, CEO of Recommind.

Add to the mix increasing regulatory pressure and compliance demands, coupled with the substantially reduced costs associated with hosted solutions, increased demand doesn’t seem like it would be an unreasonable expectation.

Learning Opportunities

IT vs. Legal Department

But let’s go back to the start and that conflict zone between IT and legal departments. Anyone who has ever worked in even a mid-sized company will have seen it: Legal departments demanding something quickly, IT departments struggling to keep up with that demand.

While both sides often accuse the other of being responsible for delays or errors, ultimately both sides have justifiable claims to being in the right.

Previously, we have already noted how detrimental this can be in the work environment. In fact, Recommind now has an annual report that has examined that (as well as other things), the last edition of which came out last June -- so we’re due one anytime soon.

Comparing results against the company’s inaugural survey in 2009, the 2010 report indicated that the departmental disconnect between the two is getting worse.

It showed that IT and legal teams aren’t collaborating on a number of issues, and are spending too much time questioning each other’s commitment to and understanding of e-Discovery and regulatory compliance.

Not a good thing. However, with the advantages of hosted solutions now well-documented, it may be that partnerships like the Recommind and LexisNexisone on a hosted solution basis may be the way forward here. They are (relatively) cheap, flexible, don’t take up too much IT power and they get the job done as required. Interesting to see how everyone gets on.