Thanks to the rise of Big Data, the process of eDiscovery has become more important to the enterprise. While there are there are many tools and platforms that make it easier and faster to sift through Big Data, have you ever really seen your data? Catalyst says that they have the solution.

Now You See It ...

Thanks to Insight, the next generation eDiscovery platform from Catalyst, companies can see their data for the first time. Engineered from the ground up, Catalyst Insight harnesses the power of an XML engine -- combining metadata, tags and text in a unified, searchable data store. As a result, Insight provides users with visual analytics that let users see deep into their data, and with timelines and social-networking diagrams, which are updated instantly thanks to a "Smart" coding feature (which learns from your review team).

But visual analytics are only as good as the speed and precision at which they are generated. Fortunately, Insight features unprecedented speed for complex searches involving millions of documents, as well as the ability to conduct searches with strings of up to one million characters.

We spoke with John Tredennick, CEO at Catalyst and he gave us a real-time demo of Insight. Not only is it fast -- it also offers many insightful ways to see how information flows through your company. Let's take a look.

Catalyst Insight-1.png

With Communication Tracker, users can search for documents and see how they are connected to specific people within the organization. Users can click on a recipient to track communications, or click on the number to display the documents featured between the recipients.

Catalyst Insight-19.png

Through a single dashboard, users can see the progress of the project review as well as the number of documents assigned, unassigned and completed.


A chart's functionality not only allows users to visually account for the documents by author, but also provides a variety of chart options, from 3D bar and pie graphs to splines and waterfalls.


Users can review reports to better understand the status of the documents collected within different search parameters. They can review reports by custodian, productivity and other conditions.

Speaking My Language

While visual analytics is a big part of what sets Catalyst Insight apart from its competitors. Its multilingual review capabilities should not be overlooked. Insight is able to search data in over 270 languages -- and change the interface language with one click. As more companies become global enterprises, the ability to search for, collect and review data isn't only relevant to the English language. Making it easy to search for information in another language is one thing. Being able to transform the user interface, so that users can engage with the platform in a native language, is brilliant.

A Clear Picture of eDiscovery

Catalyst Insight serves to speed up search and refine methods for "Smart" coding -- but most importantly, it helps to make document review visually relevant. It's not secret that 65 percent of us are visual learners. And when you undertake a process as daunting as eDiscovery, seeing is believing.