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It’s Show and Tell time at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco this week as the world’s leading content management vendors gather to showcase their latest offerings at the AIIM conference.

EMC’s Information Intelligence Group (IIG) will be there to demo its new Documentum Mobile App which is now available for the Apple iPhone and iTouch, in addition to the previously announced iPad.

The app has extended functionalities so that users can now not only consume content on their iDevices but can also contribute content in a secure and compliant environment. (It is no longer a read-only app.) Documentum customers with existing licenses can download the Documentum Mobile App free of charge from iTunes.

EMC IIG will also be unveiling Documentum D2 which provides classic Document/Content Management functionalities via configuration rather than custom coding. D2 is not only quicker to implement and easier to maintain than existing Documentum offerings but it also offers a richer, more immersive and more intuitive end-user experience, according to Chris Preston, Senior Director, Integrated Technology Strategy at EMC.

The announcements of the availability of the new Documentum Mobile App and the latest version of Documentum D2 will be made later today.

Can an 800lb Gorilla Look Pretty and Be Light on its Feet?

No one at the press announcement is likely to ask this question out loud, but it will likely be on everyone’s mind. The 800-lb gorilla we’re referring to is, of course, Documentum and the metaphor is borrowed from Ovum’s report “Decision Matrix: Selecting a Content Management Platform Vendor.”

While Ovum used the term in a complimentary way (i.e. an 800-lb. Gorrilla stands its ground and is a force to be reckoned with), the metaphor doesn’t exactly suggest modern, flexible, quick, user-friendly or easy on the eye. But these new Documentum offerings may very well prove that this ape is hip and as sexy as any vendor in the ECM market.

Anywhere, Anytime, Actionable Access to Content (As long as you're on an Apple Device)

Documentum end-users no longer need to stay tethered to their desks to access, view, contribute to or act upon content stored in Documentum because it’s all available in a secure environment via the Documentum Mobile App.

And while for some workers this means that they can be responsible and responsive to the office from wherever they are (Starbucks, their child’s classroom, the gym, the movies, the beach, a ski slope…use your imagination), for those out in the field these apps may very well produce a much bigger win.

Consider insurance claims examiners who look at a dozen accident reports and crashed cars on a daily basis. They can now enter (previously they could only view) information and take pictures (with a high resolution new iPad or iPhone 3 camera, rather than the heavy, bulky one many still wear around their necks) and add content directly to a secure repository.

Think of family case workers who can both access and enter information about at-risk children so the smallest details aren’t missed or lost. And consider how vital it is for quality inspectors and service workers to have access to specific, highly detailed information and how important it is for them to update it right there on the spot.

These new capabilities not only relieve field workers from boring, low-level and laborious tasks such as re-entering, uploading and reconciling data when they get back to their offices, but they also allow them to become more productive and add greater value without having to work extra hours.

Besides, who wouldn’t want their IT department to hook them up with an iPad or iPhone?

Solutions like this can make IT look like heroes, says Preston.

Say Goodbye to Expensive to Implement, Hard to Maintain, Underutilized ECM Solutions, Say Hello to Documentum D2

Up until recently it was rare to hear end-users of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems say that they’re delighted with the products or solutions they interface with day in and day out. And it was even less common for them to remark that every minute and penny spent was worthwhile.

“The systems were expensive and took a long time to implement, they weren’t widely adopted, and they were so highly customized that they were hard and costly to maintain,” says Preston. He makes a point of noting that he’s not only talking about Documentum, that for a long time this was the case across the industry.

Well those days may now be over, at least for Documentum D2 customers, if the new offering delivers as promised. D2 relies on configuration Vs. custom coding. The way that D2 works is that “super users,” business analysts or IT engineers, gather requirements and make selections on an excel-like spreadsheet interface to create classic document management functionalities which consist of document creation, access, storage, simple document review and approval. Make a mistake or need to change something, rather than rewriting code you simply change the configuration.

And how does it look, function and feel? The application delivers an intuitive browser-based environment for users to access the Documentum platform more easily and more simply than ever, according to Preston. And so it should follow that risks will be mitigated, adoptions more widespread and that the fact that D2 can be customized at runtime for instant deployment of new capabilities at the speed of business, is a big step forward.

Does D2 provide all the ECM functionalities anyone has ever wanted? Maybe not. But according to Preston, “rich user experiences trump functionalities, every time.” It should also be noted that D2 includes additional language support for organizations with global operations.

So can an 800-lb. gorilla look pretty and be light on its feet? Documentum has invited you to dance, give it a whirl and let them know.

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