SnapLogic Cloud Cover Expands to Europe

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Too often companies say one thing and mean another. In the case of SnapLogic (news, site), part of the funding received in December of 2010 was earmarked for expansion into Europe. It delivered on the promise.

Whereabouts in Europe?

Building on customer successes operating out of its headquarters in Silicon Valley, it makes sense for SnapLogic to be closer to the growing Western European market. This geographic necessity led SnapLogic to choose London as its base for European operations.

To be specific, the new SnapLogic office will be in a section of London known as Shoreditch. Despite the less than appealing name, Shoreditch is known as the "Silicon Roundabout" due to a high concentration of technology startup companies. SnapLogic should fit right in.

Who is Going to Run the Operation?

SnapLogic CEO Guarav Dhillon reached back in the past to his time at Informatica to choose Ediz Ertekin to head up the European operation. The newly minted vice president of distribution, Europe, Ertekin brings a strong background in sales including being the first Informatica employee in Europe.

Learning Opportunities

My assumption is that Ertekin's initial course of action will be to establish a sales foothold in and around London. Once the funnel is sufficiently filled, Ertekin will likely move on to expand SnapLogic's services presence in Western Europe.

What's Next?

There will be some growing pains, as there always are when a company's operations expand to another country -- think timezone differences, talent acquisition and exchange rates. However, SnapLogic's SnapStore -- supposedly providing solutions to 2,000 different integration scenarios -- will be compelling to enterprises across the European countries.

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