SnapLogic Goes Into High Gear, Fueled by US$ 20 Million Investment
 Enterprise cloud integrator SnapLogic is boosting its efforts to increase adoption of its platform – thanks in part to a new round of Series C funding that brought in US$ 20 million.

The funding round, led by Ignition Partners and including Triangle Peak Partners and current investor Andreessen Horowitz, comes on top of US$ 12.5 million previously raised.

Chairman and CEO Gaurav Dhillon said in a statement that the new investment “validates our achievements” and endorses SnapLogic’s approach to a flexible enterprise cloud integration platform that connects cloud applications to “mission-critical, on-premise applications and data.” Frank Artale, Ingnition Partners’ general partner, told news media that SnapLogic is at the junction of “two of the biggest trends in technology today” cloud computing and big data.

Data Integration Platform

SnapLogic’s integration platform allows organizations to utilize any combination of data sources or applications -- whether on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid location.

The company said it is the only cloud integration solution that uses modern web standards -- and “containerization” in the form of its Snaps -- for quick connections to cloud, software-as-a-service, or on-premises applications or data. The SnapLogic platform provides a drag-and-drop visual designer, more than 100 Snaps intelligent connectors, APIs, REST data services and full support for web data formats including XML, JSON, ASN.1, Atom and HTML.

Snaps currently support about 5,000 connection combinations, a number which the company said is growing weekly. Snaps are used for database connectivity, business productivity, business intelligence, analytics, business data and social media, among other uses.

Clouds and Big Data

For example, the Amazon EC2 Snap provides SnapLogic access to that web service. This allows an organization to monitor Amazon-based applications and data with SnapLogic, thus reducing the time needed to create new server instances and to scale capacity.

Snaps, which can be purchased and downloaded from the SnapStore, are:

  • Language neutral
  • Abstracted from the application layer
  • Equipped with wizards to inspect the connected applications

The company said Snaps’ design shields business users as well as developers from the underlying complexity of connections.