CMSWire recently wrote about the important community that supports the SharePoint platform. But just how active and popular is it?

A Thriving Community

SharePoint is famed for having a thriving supportive user community. Microsoft MVPs proudly present their credentials as community evangelists to enthusiasts and clients alike. User groups and evening events are regularly held all over the world for developers and power users. But one of the most significant areas of activity is in the blogosphere, and more recently on Twitter. The web is cluttered with hundreds of blogs covering all aspects of SharePoint. Popular blogs include:

Twitter is also full of useful resources. Useful accounts to lookup are: Joel Oleson, SharePoint Buzz, and EndUserSharePoint.

What I would like to know though, is just how popular this online community is? How active is it? Who is blogging and tweeting, and about what?

Complete the Survey

If you currently blog or tweet about SharePoint, in any capacity, please take 5 minutes to fill out the survey. With enough results I hope to build up a really useful picture of the SharePoint online community, documenting all the good stuff being done on the web, and seeing what room there is for improvement. We'll give you the result right here on CMSWire.

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