Next week I will have the opportunity to attend the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, Calif.This will be the third time I am attending the conference, and to say I am excited would be an understatement!These conferences are a great opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and to network with the community.

During this year’s conference, I will be creating daily summaries of the event from an information worker’s perspective.This will allow me to focus on specific key areas for users who are using SharePoint out of the box. I will share with you what I am learning, whom I am meeting and any must-have resources I find. In this article, I am going to share with you my goals for the conference and also what sessions I am planning to attend.In my final article of the series, I will revisit these goals and review how well I did.

Learn Something New!

My first goal of the conference is to learn something new.This year I plan to focus on getting information about the newest technologies and learning about their future.On the top of my list are Office 365 and also Azure.These both seem to be big buzzwords in the community, so I plan on digging in and learning more about what they mean to different organizations.I plan on achieving this goal through sessions, the vendor booths and Microsoft booths.

Make New Connections!

My second goal is to spend some time making some new connections.I am specifically looking to meet various organizations that are using SharePoint and that are pushingthe limits with what it can do out of the box.I hope to connect with them at the conference so that we can continue to communicate after the conference.This I find is one of the best ways to avoid “re-inventing the wheel.”My goal is to surround myself with others who are doing similar things so I can learn from their experiences.Throughout the week I will be introducing you to some of these connections.

Understanding the Vision

My final goal of the conference is to walk away with a greater understanding of where Microsoft is going. I know a lot of the conference will be focused on current releases, and likely not much will be shared about future releases, but I still want to connect with Microsoft and get a better understanding of the future of SharePoint within the organization.I hope to learn a lot of this information in the keynote address.


Each day I have identified a session or two that I will be attending and will be providing a summary in my daily articles. Each summary will have a consistent format and will include the following elements:

Learning Opportunities

  • Summary of the Session
  • Relating the Information to the Organization
  • Where to Learn More
  • My Perspective

This format should help you get an idea of what was shared in the session and how you can get started with the information. This should be especially helpful for those who weren’t able to attend the sessions in person.

The table below outlines the different sessions that I have chosen to attend:

DaySessionSession Number
MondayPlanning for the Lifecycle of Your SharePoint 2010 Website#SPC258
TuesdayVisio Services -- Creating a No-Code Visio Services Dashboard using Office 365#SPC289
WednesdayInfoPath 2010 -- Best Practices for Design and Performance#SPC296
ThursdayBA Insight: Enterprise Search and the Cloud: Unifying Information across SharePoint, O365, LOB systems, and more#SPC344

In addition to the session summary, I will be including various networking information in my summaries.This will allow you to see whom I am meeting and what I am spending my time doing.I realize that many readers aren’t attending the conference, so I will try to add special notes on ways you can get involved or gain access to the data from home.I am looking forward to this conference and I am excited to be able to share with you my experiences from an information worker’s perspective!

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