According to Forrester Research, the U.S. information management sector sees 66% of all projects fail, largely as a result of poorly defined processes and communications. The bottom line is that many of the observed project failings look preventable.

This pattern seems to be even more extreme when it comes to Enterprise CMS projects...but why?

Questions that deserve a closer look include:

  • Is there a prevailing pattern to Enterprise CMS (ECM) project successes and failures?
  • Does the technology platform play a significant role in success patterns?
  • How can we avoid some of the most common pitfalls with ECM projects?

To address these topics ECM and document management technology vendor, Nuxeo, has teamed up with AIIM CIO, Laurence Hart, to create a one-hour webinar entitled Why Enterprise CMS Projects Fail.

Laurence Hart has a deep history in the Enterprise CMS and Information Management space having spend the previous two decades in CIO, CTO and Enterprise Architect roles.

If project success is on your mind, join the conversation and register for the April 26th event.  


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