Security, compliance, these are two big concerns with content stored in any repository, including SharePoint. A new security company, CipherPoint wants to help you ensure your SharePoint environment is set up properly from the start.

There are way too many analyst reports and surveys that can be quoted right now saying that compliance and security are top concerns for SharePoint implementations. We get it. Now what we really need to know is what to do about it.

Which means we need our requirements and our governance strategy. Once that's completed, then we need the right technologies to help us implement that strategy. Enter a vendor like CipherPoint Software.

Content Encryption and Security 

There are two products from CipherPoint: 

  • CipherPointSP Enterprise: transparent content encryption
  • CipherPointKM: central console for managing and administering SharePoint environments running CipherPoint SP Enterprise


CipherPoint Solution

CipherPointSP Enterprise is a multi-server enterprise version of the content encryption product CipherPoint SP. It provides transparent content encryption -- for all file types -- on all SharePoint sites, or by library, user, folder or list. This is a server side solution, so there's no client software to install.

CipherPointKM is a centralized console that allows you to manage your security and key settings for a SharePoint farm. It offers reports, access control and management of security keys across your farm.


CipherPointKM Dashboard

Some of the features of this console include:

  • Security and encryption key management
  • Management of CipherPointSP Enterprise agents
  • Auditing and logging

The products ensure compliance to a number of regulations including HIPPA, GBLA, PCI and many state data breach notification laws.

Currently the products work with SharePoint 2007, with 2010 support expected in Q1 of 2011. You can trial the products to see if they provide the security that you are looking for.