This is the second in a series designed to show how to use Office 365,Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Project Professional2010 andWindows Phone 7.5 technologies to put together a streamlined, standardizedproject managementsystem.

Once you’ve created a project site using SharePoint online, use the Microsoft tools found in Office 365 to make project information available to your team. One of the most commonly used features for project teams is the Outlook calendar. Link the calendar on your project site to your Outlook calendar. All team members should have access to this project calendar, and it will appear as a separate calendar on each team member’s Outlook client.

Learn more about how to integrate Outlook into your project site:

Learning Opportunities

Many more tips and tricks for leveraging Microsoft products for your collaborative efforts will be presented at Microsoft Project Conference 2012 in Phoenix, AZ March 19-22!

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