Forget mobile-first, cloud-first. It’s a “liquid world” said VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger … a world in which companies like Uber, an app that connects people needing a ride with drivers, has a higher market capitalization than Hertz and Avis combined. What’s remarkable about this is that it’s a company without any physical assets.

This is the brave, new world of IT, he told a packed house of more than 20,000 in San Francisco at VMWorld, the company’s annual user conference. He also, for what might be the first time ever, mentioned the company’s End User Computing Business, which promises to provide users with secure anytime, anywhere access to their desktops, applications, and content via any device.

Security for the Enterprise

VMware is not battling the Google’s and Amazon’s this world for business, said Gelsinger. Instead, he asserts, VMWare provides secure, enterprise-class offerings in an era of new economics and value creation.

And in an era where the end-user experience more and more often ranks first, the focus can’t be limited to security and the back end alone. To that end, VMWare last year brought in super tech exec Sanjay Poonen from SAP, acquired enterprise mobile management and EFSS provider AirWatch, and CloudVolumes which speeds real time application delivery.

Today Poonen stands before a VMWorld audience and introduces an industry first, the VMWare Workspace Suite, a new enterprise-grade integrated platform for managing applications, data and devices. It marries AirWatch mobile management, AirWatch Secure Content Locker, VMware Horizon 6 and VMware Workspace Portal assets.


It, together with Cloud Volumes enhancements, promises to enable users to access everything available to them on their desktops from anywhere, at any time, via any device with same level of security as their data center provides.

Successful Integration

As anyone who has ever tried to access graphic-rich applications virtually will tell you, it can be a bit frustrating. But not for long if VMWare’s integration with Google and NVIDIA is a success. The companies have teamed to deliver high-performance virtual desktops and workstation-class graphics applications on Chromebooks. 

Poonen said that this will expand the hardware options for customers who want to move to a virtual desktop model for greater mobility and access to applications and data, so they can select the system of their choice.

Poonen also announced that VMWare is expanding its relationship with SAP to deliver a seamless mobile application experience for end-users through the integration of SAP Mobile Place and AirWatch. This solution will allow joint VMWare and SAP customers work with applications built using SAP mobile technology.

Putting it all together, it brings Gelsinger’s vision of “Work isn’t a place that you go, it’s something that you do” to reality.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Poonen one-ups his boss’s expectation with an IoT twist. “The workplace of the future is where we allow workers to work at the speed of life. Whether they are using their laptop, smartphone, tablet or Tesla, their applications and data should follow them wherever they go. “