Microsoft and Dropbox have one big thing in common. They both own their audiences where productivity tools are concerned.

Think about it. When you go to create a document, you think Word. To create a spreadsheet, you think Excel. To create a presentation, it’s PowerPoint.

But where will you save your creations if you want to share them or store them in the cloud? Most people think Dropbox rather than OneDrive.

Better Together?

While Microsoft has a Dropbox-like competitor in OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, it’s not the default. That’s why Microsoft formed a strategic partnership with Dropbox last year and even created a “Save to Dropbox” option on your screen.

Today Microsoft and Dropbox each announced integration between Dropbox on the web and Office Online. The skinny on it is that you can now edit your Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents in Dropbox using Office Online on the web.

This means you don’t need the desktop versions of Microsoft Office, and can even use a computer that doesn’t belong to you to edit their Office docs in Dropbox.

Dropbox-Office Online Product Screenshot.png

To use it Just click the ‘Open’ button when you’re previewing a Dropbox file on the web, and you can edit the file right from your browser via Office Online. Any changes will automatically be saved back to your Dropbox.

Is this a big deal? To both Microsoft and Dropbox it is because it’s yet another reason that you’ll stay loyal to them vs. checking out other options.  And unless you’re the type who likes trying out new productivity tools, it’s a big deal to you too, because it’s so convenient.