Workday for iPad Launches; Makes ERP More Intuitive With 'Swirls' Interface

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Workday for iPad Launches; Makes ERP More Intuitive With 'Swirls' Interface
Enterprise resource planning just got easier as Workday's (news, site) iPad application goes live on the iTunes App Store. While Workday's web app has a mobile-optimized version that can be used both on desktop and mobile, this iPad-specific app comes with unique features that make enterprise collaboration and resource planning more intuitive on a tablet interface.

ERP in the Cloud

Workday is a SaaS ERP solution that helps businesses manage not only information, but also resources in the workplace, including finances, human resources, projects, tasks and the like. Workday prides itself in being a cloud-based ERP solution, in that clients no longer need to worry about data centers, on-premise applications, upgrades and downtime.

Workday offers a cloud-based means to manage the workforce, which can be useful for users managing the organization or those involved in work on the ground. Workday's CTO Stan Swete believes that tablets will become the primary consumption device for SaaS-based solutions, and as such, Workday has been focusing on building mobile-based solutions alongside its browser-based applications.

Workday's task manager also helps manage resources

Workday's task manager also helps manage resources

Workday's solutions offer the following:

Learning Opportunities

  • Built-in Actionable Analytics tools accessible to anyone with data privileges
  • Configurable business process framework that enables organizations to customize the system to their needs
  • Consistent experience for all employees within a company, but still accommodating the needs of external clients
  • Dynamic organizational structures that accommodate the appropriate model that an organization follows
  • Accessible and usable interface.

It's All in the Swirl

Workday's iPad application highlights features only available on this tablet release. Navigation is done through Workday's "Swirl" interface, in which the organizational swirl reflects the organization's structure, so users can get an insight on how work is done. Users can drill in on an individual member's worker profile and history.

Workday Swirls interface

Workday Swirls interface

The iPad application also gives managers insight on workforce planning, compensation and talent management based on Workday's interactive analytics. Items and analytics can be viewed through the bigger picture, or on a per-transaction basis. The Workday iPad app also supports personal activity streams such as to-do lists, notifications, alerts and approvals.

How Much Will It Cost?

The Workday app for iPad itself is free and is available for download from Apple's iTunes App Store. However, users will need an actual Workday account to log in and use the service. Workaday says it will continue updating its iPad app and mobile web version with more features through the next few weeks.

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