You Want More Windows 10 Releases Youll Get Em

You Want More Windows 10 Releases? You'll Get 'Em

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Microsoft has been promising more builds — faster — ever since it announced the launch of the Windows 10 Technical Preview in October.

It released universal apps in February. But then ... well, nothing.

Over the past few weeks Twitter has been alive with the sound of complaints about Microsoft dragging its corporate feet.

It got so bad that Gabriel Aul, general manager for the data and fundamentals team for Microsoft's Operating System Group, felt compelled to write a blog post.

Speeding Up

The post explains that the release cadence will probably be faster, and could come as earlier as later this month. "We’ve probably been too conservative about pushing builds to the Fast ring for Windows Insiders," he wrote. Insiders get Windows 10 as well as the latest build and a views of the progress as its happening.

When specifically will the next build be released? Aul said the answer is complex. "The reality is that faster builds to you will include more bugs, and so far we’ve erred on the side of stability," he noted.

Aul noted the next build of the Windows 10 preview is overdue. Microsoft previously described a 30-day release goal and it's been 40 days since the last release. He further outlined how the build release works and will work in the future.

Learning Opportunities

"Builds progress through flighting rings. If a build meets criteria, it moves on and the next ring receives it," he stated.

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This means that the smaller Canary Ring members will get a look at the preview builds first, but that they will have more bugs than the wider and slower rings.

In response to why Microsoft will not publish set dates for their releases, Aul wrote that doing so would hold up progress:

If we announce a date, we’ll want to have a very high confidence of hitting it. It’s frustrating for you to hear a date and be let down if we miss it, and it’s frustrating and distracting for us too,” he wrote.

In addition, fixed dates would slow down engineering, he said. 

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