Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 and the Future of Mobile Device Management
Not only are Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies more prominent than ever, mobile device management is becoming more challenging, as well. While Zenprise has offered innovative solutions that work to secure the enterprise’s mobile networks, it’s their latest update that is by far the most innovative.

Zenprise’s next version of the company’s on-premises and cloud-based software solution, Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 allows companies to secure and support not only devices but data and apps as well.

Though BYOD offers the flexibility for employees to use their own devices to help them work better within the enterprise, companies are continually faced with how to effectively monitor, manage and secure these devices. If only there was a way to secure the virtual perimeter of the enterprise similar to the way you do the physical perimeter. Well, now there is.

Mend Your Mobile Fences

Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 includes geo-fencing, an industry-first feature that enables companies to track devices via GPS. With geo-fencing, organizations can take action in the event a device is removed from a specific location. For companies or organizations that need to tie mobile devices to a location, such as hospitals that distribute tablets to doctors and nurses to aid in patient care, geo-fencing will be a valuable tool.

By defining an approved area for the device, IT managers can specify the actions to be taken if the device leaves that perimeter. Additionally, in the case of theft or other mishandling, all corporate-owned information can be wiped from the device in order to protect sensitive data stored on the device.

The following infographic serves to illustrate how geo-fencing works and how it can help secure your company’s mobile devices.


Is Your Business Mobile Ready?

Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 also provides integration with Samsung SAFE devices making it possible for companies to turn tablets and smartphones into “purpose-built” mobile terminals -- that is devices with strict access configurations and all but a few business apps locked down. This means that companies can incorporate tablets into their line of business without having to worry about users accessing games or other applications, which could either compromise or slow down the network.
Other features of Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 include:

  • Secure integration with SharePoint and Office 365 platforms.
  • Mobile DLP solution for iOS, which gives users the ability to annotate documents in the secure mobile content container provided.
  • A configurable dashboard with one-click actions such as track, notify and enroll.
  • Simplified enrollment that provides access to highest level of security with a streamlined user experience.

Whether you’re looking for ways to make your BYOD policies more secure or looking for ways to make mobile devices work better for your business, Zenprise’s updates for MobileManager are bound to bring your company into the next generation of mobile device management.