Today at EDUCAUSE 2003, Blackboard Inc., a leading enterprise software company for e-Education, unveiled its education-specific learning content management and e-Portfolio system - the Blackboard Content System(TM) to more than 6,000 global higher education attendees. The Blackboard Content System represents the very latest in e-Education innovation and is the fourth major enterprise software system from Blackboard Inc. Slated for general release in the first quarter of 2004, the Blackboard Content System will benefit students, faculty and campus IT administrators by lowering the costs and increasing the simplicity of managing learning content, digital assets and e-Portfolios in an enterprise learning environment. H. David Lambert, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Georgetown University commented, "The promise of better integration between our library resources and academic course work has been one of the most exciting aspects of implementing the new Blackboard Content System. With features like e-Reserves made so accessible, our instructors and librarians are working together more effectively than ever before, sharing materials, collaborating, and complementing each other's work without giving up control of their respective content." The Blackboard Content System incorporates application capabilities in four key areas: -- Learning Content Management, to easily, economically and effectively share and reuse single files or large volumes of content assets across sections, courses, organizations and institutions. -- e-Portfolios allow students and faculty members to assemble, present and share information online for documenting academic growth, career evaluation and course preparation. -- Virtual Hard Drives economically accommodate the broad content storage needs of individual users in the digital education environment. Unlike other products or even homegrown solutions that provide users with centralized storage resources, the Blackboard Content System is the only one that offers a truly user friendly interface--the same interface students and instructors are already using every day with their other Blackboard products. -- Library Digital Asset Management creates an interactive environment for faculty to search, access, and incorporate digital library resources such as e-Reserves in course preparation. Read the original article.