Google wants to search, well, everything -- so why not accept pings from every blogger in the blogosphere? In another BETA release, Alpha-dog Google has announced that Google Blog Search will now directly accept XML-RPC pings from all you Pro Bloggers out there.Google's Blog Search is a relatively new service where users can search for any blog -- not just blogs from Google's Blogger service -- on topics of interest, and now all them nifty bloggers can set their blogs to automatically ping Google when publishing new posts. Ping Bloggah Ping. Fret Technorati Fret. To set your CMS or blogging platform to automatically ping this new service, enter the following URL into your back-end ping management area (e.g., WordPress users, may paste this URL into the Update Services box under Writing Options, Movable Type users can paste this into notify box under Settings/New Entry Defaults): The Google Ping Server FAQ has been put together thoughtfully and should address the questions for those more curious. Ready to search blog posts via Google? As usual, the Google interface is simple to use and consistent with other Google UI's. But don't let that stop you from digging deeper. You can do an advanced search, for say, "CMS and Enterprise," then save the results as an RSS feed. Hmmm, a feed of feeds, and Google captures more monetizeable search activity. Not bad. Looks like another clever real estate expansion move by those nifty Google Labs folks -- and I don't think they're switching to DeCaf anytime soon. For the rest of us, it's a great way to passively monitor the blogosphere while calmly sipping our tea and considering that Google is presently playing ping server catch-up with Yahoo!.