Today Traction Software released TeamPage 3.8, an enterprise blog and wiki solution. To give you a sense of what you can expect from the offering, founder Greg Lloyd illuminated its muse. "[Our customers] challenged us to further improve ease of use, scalability, management and the real need for Enterprise 2.0 collaboration 'at the edge' -- with customers, supply chain partners, sales partners, legal and other professionals -- as well within the core of the enterprise. We're extremely proud to have met this challenge.”In short, TeamPage 3.8 does the following: * Eases the process with which to link, moderate and organize remote collaboration. This is accomplished with a pretty new GUI that non-devs can easily navigate. * Updates to the most updated version of your wiki pages without inhibiting the work of multiple editors. And whatever recent version of a page you're seeing, the system will maintain full referential integrity and cross-wiki project name aliasing, combined with page name and content history. That means you don't lose the work you did after the CEO freaks out and deletes all your edits. * Helps you follow compliance requirements (ding-ding!). * Makes it easy to blog in the same context at which you conduct wiki-style page editing. Your blog and wiki can live under the same name space, or you can create unique spaces for each. * A handy-dandy page-locking feature. Recall your edit-crazy CEO. Wouldn't you just love to lock him out? (Don't tell him we said so, but with TeamPage 3.8, you can.) v3.8 will go out for preview this month. Expect it to ship in 4Q07.