Maybe your employer doesn’t know what you’re up to on the mobile devices you use for work, but we do.

OK, we admit it, we’re not talking specifically about you, and our knowledge isn’t first hand.

But we did get a peek at the findings of the world’s first report focused purely on enterprise mobility, cellular data and trends. It was brought to us by Wandera, which provides a mobile Data Gateway aimed at ensuring a productive and secure mobile Internet experience for businesses.

A Sample of the Study


Here are some of the more interesting things that the researchers who conducted the study found.

Learning Opportunities

  • The line between work and home is definitely blurred. “With email so accessible, employees are using it more frequently out of office hours, with nearly a quarter of mobile data used between 6pm and midnight,” said Eldar Tuvey, CEO of Wandera, which Gartner named a “cool vendor” in enterprise mobility.
  • While Linkedin is supposed to be where you go to network while you’re at work, the reality is that it’s leveraged on only 16 percent of corporate mobile devices while Twitter checks in at 65 percent and Facebook at 81 percent
  • Social networks account for 10 percent of all cellular data used by employees
  • Email is the most widely used mobile app on employer-liable mobile devices. Data usage outranks every other app by a factor of six.
  • Tinder, a speed dating networking app, seems to be the fastest growing app. If you’re going to correspond with your co-workers on your time, why not look for lovers while on the boss’ clock?
  • Dropbox is 13 times more popular than Box in the Enterprise. Google Drive is 4 times more popular than Box.
  • Apps are growing in size. The average app downloaded in the first quarter this year was 27 MB, a significant 8 percent increase over the previous quarter’s average app size. This upward trend is expected to continue as more functionality and high-end user experience features are added by developers.

It’s 6 O'Clock: Get Off My Phone!

While workers and their employers may find it convenient to have personal and professional lives intermingled on mobile devices, there are certainly those who are disturbed by the implications. Labor unions in France, for example, suggested that responding to work-related e-mail after 6 p.m. be made illegal. The thinking behind the law? Protecting the work/life balance of its members.

While contrary to some reports, you won’t be breaking any laws if you hit your employer-owned email after hours in Paris, it does bring an interesting question to the surface: If your workplace is wherever your mobile device is and you’re always tethered to it, don’t some kind of boundaries need to be set?

Title image by Paolo Bona / Shutterstock.