Enterprise Web leader Plumtree Software (Nasdaq: PLUM) today announced the release of a new add-on to its Enterprise Web Development Kit (EDK), for creating interactive portlets using Microsoft .NET Web Controls. Part of Microsoft’s .NET Framework, .NET Web Controls are simple, visual drag-and-drop elements that developers can use to create Web applications. Hundreds of .NET Web Controls created by Microsoft and the .NET development community can now be used without any coding to create portlets within the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite. As a result, organizations can build rich, interactive applications from existing .NET and Java components at low cost. The public can register for a December 9th Web seminar reviewing the new capabilities at www.plumtree.com/03/dotnet and can download the EDK add-on at http://showroom.plumtree.com/. The Plumtree EDK offers services, sample code and documentation for using industry-standard Java and .NET development tools to build portlets and integration Web services that can work together. Whereas other vendors focus on supporting a single development paradigm, Plumtree supports many, including JSR 168 and WSRP portlets, Apache's Java Struts, Sophia, Java Server Faces, C#, Visual Basic.NET and Java Server Pages, all as part of its Radical Openness strategy. The newly released add-on to the EDK allows .NET Controls to function as-is within the Enterprise Web as portlets. Read.