United Planet Intrexx Xtreme 4.5 Enterprise Portal Software
United Planet, a developer of enterprise portal software, has recently launched Intrexx Xtreme 4.5. The new version offers increased flexibility and interoperability, improved user management, MS Office Business Adapter and integration of the dynamic Groovy scripting language. Alex Marsch, management director of United Planet, believes that document management is becoming more critical for businesses today. In addition, he believes that the increase in demand of portals and Intranets for enterprise use and the need for document management has never been higher. “The fact that Intrexx Xtreme 4.5 facilitates the integration of MS Office from 2003 onwards, unlike many other portal solutions... means that our customers will be able to manage and access all documents without the need for a costly upgrade to the latest version of Office,” Marsch stated.

What's New in Intrexx Xtreme 4.5

There are plenty of little things that improve Intrexx Xtreme 4.5, but here are the most notable additions: * Groovy: The integration of this "easy-to-use" scripting language simplifies programming of processes and web services. In addition, this integration will allow Intrexx Xtreme to be adapted to future developments. * Microsoft Office Business Adapter: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Office document management is made easier by allowing users to quickly open, edit and store documents in the portal without requiring heavy use of the browser. * User Management Improvements: Groups, roles and organizational units can be declared within the Intrexx Xtreme portal in a similar way to LDAP systems. In addition, organizations will have more control over language settings for users.

Improvements Without Price Increase

What is a better way to end a great release than by not charging more for it? Alex Wessendorf, founder and CEO of United Planet, believes that the new features will not result in an increase in licenses for Intrexx Xtreme. This is due to the increased profitability and spreading of development costs. Users interested in learning more about Intrexx Xtreme can check out their screencasts that provide a great look into what can be accomplishes with the Intrexx portal software.