CMS Watch and Fundamentals of eDiscovery
Harsh economic times are safe havens for those in the legal industry. So many desperate acts, so little time to search and discover each one. Such little time is driving up legal costs and stretching companies' resources thin. So much so, that many enterprises choose to simply settle cases in order to avoid the costly and, often, painful process altogether. While many eDiscovery solutions have conveniently popped up in the marketplace in time for financial meltdowns, it's not always easy for companies to decide what to do and how. CMS Watch to the rescue. They have added a new course called The Fundamentals of eDiscovery to their curricula of online courses.The course aims to provide the basics you should know before beginning an e-discovery project and help minimize risk by taking a proactive approach. If knowing is half the battle, The Fundamentals of eDiscovery will help your team better understand eDiscovery technology and how it can be an essential part of the solution, but not the solution alone.Instructed by Jarrod Gingras, CMS Watch analyst, the course will provide strategies of the eDiscovery process and offer advice on which key technical considerations to evaluate when selecting an eDiscovery tool. Recommended for corporate legal counsel and legal professionals -- as well as record managers, business analysts and those tasked with managing eDiscovery systems, participants will be introduced to eDiscovery and the process of gathering, filtering, delivering information and marketplace trends. While the curriculum won't cover specific technical how-to's or provide detailed evaluations of specific products, registrants will feel more empowered to be proactive about the eDiscovery process. Register here.