Atlas 4.0 Unites Management on eDiscovery and Data Retention

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PSS Systems has announced a new release of its Atlas Suite, aiming to cut down on unnecessary legal risks as well as discovery and data management costs. It has a familiar ring to many of the latest e-discovery releases and announcements.

In times of financial distress, legal risks and costs are wont to increase. However, if your company is wise enough to invest in the software that can lower their enterprise legal risk, while effectively improving their ediscovery process at a reduced cost, chances are the recessional legal blues will be generally avoided.

What's in Atlas 4.0?

The Atlas 4.0 Suite enables the enterprise to defensibly dispose of information and data that has no business value while preserving data on hold.It includes the Atlas 4.0 Legal Communications and Collections product and works to deliver aholds process that requires much less effort than alternative approaches to preserving and collecting data for litigation.

Aiming toimprove compliance and eliminate manual follow up, Atlas 4.0 employs systematic reminders, the ability to preserve data in place and collect it directly from data sources, as well as coordinate collections where IT assistance is needed. Further, with the Atlas Employee Portal module, employees can easily look up, certify and comply with their current holds in Atlas at any time.

Learning Opportunities

Enterprise Retention Management Tool

Also featured within the suite is the addition of an Enterprise Retention Management (ERM) tool that serves as a legal governance program for establishing global standards for retention and implementation of global governance procedures. With Atlas ERM, appropriate retention periods are defined for all information based on its business value and legal requirements. Retention practices are reconciled across business units as a way to increase consistency while providing flexibility to address different country laws.

Uniting Management to Make Life Easier

By expanding its discovery and privacy management capabilities, Atlas ultimately challenges itself to unite General Counsel, global business execs and IT in such a way that managing and complying with global discovery and privacy requirements becomes an easier, if painless experience.

However, the reality is that it's not. Yet, Atlas 4.0 is a valiant effort, featuring two modules, Atlas for IT and Atlas Discovery Cost Control. The modules allow data managers to store significantly less data, reduce operational complexity and simplify legal compliance, prevent unnecessary data buildup and store data based on its business value - all of which are results that General Counsel, executives and IT alike can appreciate.

Learn more about PSS and the Atlas 4.0 suite.

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