2014 Wish List ... from Alan Lepofsky
I would like to see less discussion/marketing about the technology itself and more focus on how new tools and processes can help people and their organizations succeed. Companies should not be focusing on social, mobile, cloud and big data. What they need to care about is closing sales deals, providing better customer support, making better products, innovating and staying ahead of their competitors.

We in the industry live too close to our own hype to realize that most people don't operate the way we do. The typical employee is not glued to their desk all day staring at a screen filled with tweets and other social media posts -- they are busy going about their day trying their best to do their jobs. There is a huge opportunity to improve the way most people work. It's not about creating a better social network or a fancier word processor, it's about improving the job specific processes people already use. That way doctors, lawyers, engineers, bank tellers, factory workers, small business owners and many other professions can see similar benefits to the ones we close to the technology are experiencing today. (to be continued ...) -- Alan Lepofsky, vice president and principal analyst, Constellation Research

Title image by Amodiovalerio Verde (Flickr).