If you had been at Citrix’s Synergy conference in Orlando this week, you might have noticed a similarity between its CEO Mark Templeton and Oprah Winfrey. While they certainly don’t look alike and Templeton hardly has his own cable channel, they both share an enthusiasm for letting members of their audiences try or have things for free.

And though Oprah, when she had her own network show, gave away “things” like beauty products, soft robes and yoga products, Templeton offered access to new software, some of which is free, and some of which is free to try while it’s in beta.

Just for You

While the exclusive offers Templeton offered this week were aimed toward conference attendees, CMSWire got permission the share them with you.

Recapit: Taking notes at meetings can be a drag. Sure, they can be recorded, but who wants to search through the “tape” to find someone’s exact words or find a fact. With Recapit you don’t have to do that, it records in-person meetings, transcribes them, provides a way to highlight important parts of conversations, and share them with others via a link. You should note that Recapit is in beta and that we don’t know how it might be priced when it becomes generally available.

We have one note for Citrix: Can you please make this available for conference calls?

Convoi is a free iPhone app that turns your iPhone into a business phone. You can pick your own number that will follow you as you move, arrange you caller ID so that it reflects your business number and so on.

Octoblu promises to help you connect anything to anything. It was built with Citrix’s vision for the Internet of Everything (IoE). Why not IoT? Because Citrix suspects that humans might be just another node on the web. Note: Octoblu is geared toward developers and is in technical preview. While you play with it, you’ll likely help Citrix work out the kinks. Once it’s a polished product, there may be a charge.

Cubefree is like Yelp for working spaces. It helps you find places from which you can get a job done. With Cubefree you can check out what Internet connectivity is like at a particular address, how noisy it is and so on…

Talkboard is an iPad whiteboard on which you can collaborate with friends or coworkers. It’s designed for sketching and allows you to share both locally and with coworkers many miles away.

If you’re like us, these products offer remedies to some of our common frustrations. On a rainy day, they’re certainly worth checking out.