Sometimes I am skeptical of Microsoft evangelists who love their job too much. Such is the case with Mary Jo Foley, blogger at All About Microsoft and Microsoft groupie. Foley came prepared with acronyms and Microsoft key messaging, ready to give us a high-level perspective of Microsoft’s new Office 365.

5 Things to Know About Office 365

Mary Jo Foley presented her aptly named 10 Things to You Need to Know About Office 365 (which we adapted to 5) at SharePoint Saturday. Her presentation was similar to how J. Edgar delivered information about the Most Wanted to his G-men. Equipped with code names, insider details and stories, Foley’s obsession with all things Microsoft borders on creepy, yet informative.


For BDMs (Business Decision Managers) who often make the decisions on what to buy, now that BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite), Office 365’s predecessor, has now morphed into Office 365, they’ll want to know want to learn the new lingo -- they have a year to decide if they want to migrate.

2. Multitenant (or SDF)

Microsoft has three packages of services – Standard, dedicated and federal (SDF). These were available for BPOS and are available for Office 365.

3. Google Apps

Microsoft’s best argument against Gmail, Zoho and other competitors of Office 365: The GMail Man.

4. Partners

Microsoft is looking for ways for partners to stay in the market and stay competitive, because that’s how most of their products get sold.


Microsoft is building an Online Services Delivery Platform (OSDP), which aims to be a common platform, so Microsoft can get all hosted services onto one infrastructure to capitalize on easy access and maintenance. Additionally, Foley developed her own acronym to  represent a few things that are also rumored to be coming to Office 365:

  • Dynamics CRM Online
  • Windows Intune
  • Visio
  • Project

Our visit to SharePoint Saturday, though limited (and on a Thursday) helped us gain a better understanding of the bigger picture influences of SharePoint users, the executives who decide to implement them and the geeks who help make it easy to use. Please follow the #spstcdc tag to follow the rest of the conference for more information and updates.