After working on it for months, Atlassian has released JIRA 5, which the company says moves the social collaboration platform for production teams up a level with new social features such as mentions, sharing and live activity streams.

Speaking to CMSWire ahead of the launch, Ken Olofsen, the group product marketing manager for Atlassian, said that with the new version of the platform, enterprises will be able to speed their software development process by several notches.

JIRA 5 Collaboration

The new release comes in both On-Demand and On-site offerings that has literally dozens of upgrades. However, it is the social collaboration improvements that Atlassian is pushing with this release, so let’s take a look at a couple:

1. Activity Streams

Activity streams gives real-time updates on issues, people, and projects, including activity from remote Atlassian applications -- Confluence, FishEye, Crucible and Bamboo -- as well as from third-party applications such as Zephyr Enterprise Edition 4.0.

All software development activities are aggregated into JIRA so users never have to hunt for relevant information or lose time-syncing information.


JIRA 5 Mentions

2. Collaboration and conversations

JIRA 5 has two new ways to bring people into the conversation: "@mentions" and sharing.

While JIRA’s email notifications keep everyone up-to-date with the issues they’re working on, the idea behind conversations is to bring others into the conversation who might not be actively participating in an issue already.

With JIRA 5, using @, mention any user in a comment or description and they’ll receive an email indicating they have been mentioned. Autocomplete lets you select user names on the fly and JIRA makes it easy to track who is involved in the comment stream.

The Share button also lets you send out a broadcast-style "FYI" to people and teams you are working with.


JIRA 5 Share

Connections, Integrations

Another thing that caught our eye was the Development to QA. QA teams spend their time writing tests, planning execution cycles and other development tasks in a test management tool like Zephyr.

Developers spend time in JIRA, managing and tracking their own daily work or planning work with their team.

JIRA 5 Activity Streams bridge the gap between tools like these offering connections between Zephyr and JIRA, for example, whenever major activity happens, such as:

  • beginning testing on a particular project a particular test execution cycle starting
  • new bug being filed or modified

JIRA 5 also comes with a massively expanded plug-in API and improved REST APIs that enables third-party software vendors to integrate with JIRA 5 and create products that are not only compatible with this release, but also with future releases.

With this launch, more than 30 integration partners have also launched products to run with it including Box, Zendesk,, Tempo and GetSatisfaction.

Of JIRA's 400 plug-in and more than 15 remote SaaS integrations, more than a quarter are launching with JIRA 5 compatibility, meaning that there are also more than 100 commercial and free plug-in with this launch.

JIRA 5 continues to push the software development process forward, this time through new social capabilities that improve real-time communication and better connect developers, technical teams, business users and customers – basically everyone building software products together,” Jay Simons, president of Atlassian said.

JIRA Enterprise

Running in tandem with the JIRA 5 release, Atlassian has also released JIRA Enterprise, which, as you can probably guess, is for large enterprises.

From the start, JIRA was built to allow it to scale The result is JIRA Enterprise -- targeted at companies where JIRA is a mission-critical application. With it, client companies get:

  • 24×7 phone support
  • Atlassian University for efficient online training courses
  • Admin certification for administrators
  • Enterprise customer community connecting with similar organizations and Atlassian

Starting today, Atlassian is offering a free 30-day trial of JIRA 5. JIRA can be purchased for on-site download for US$ 10 for 10 users, or OnDemand starting at US$ 10/month for 10 users. If you're interested in more, check out the video below: