You have SharePoint. You have Box. Theoretically, you have all your enterprise information management, governance and collaboration bases covered. Right?

Well, yes … if all your content silos are connected and operating seamlessly. Unfortunately, that's rarely the case.

While there is a lot of patching and connecting to be done to pull all your silos together, it’s a job that’s rarely finished. To help enterprises with two of the most important silos, AvePoint has just announced the release of DocAve Cloud Connect, which bridges Box and SharePoint.

More Collaboration, Less Duplication

With DocAve Cloud Connect, both SharePoint and Box users can collaborate without the need to duplicate data on both platforms. That enables secure mobile collaboration, and gives users the ability to share information directly with customers and partners.

It also enables them work using SharePoint’s document management capabilities,which include e-discovery, enterprise search, permissions management, workflows, alerts and versioning. In fact, by connecting these two systems, AvePoint has gone a long way to breaking down content silos.

It may seem like an obvious pairing now that its been done. But to find out  thinking behind it, we talked with Garth Luke, AvePoint CEO of Australia and New Zealand and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, and Tianyi “TJ” Jiang, AvePoint co-founder and Co-CEO.

They said that AvePoint has been seeing a demand for integrated collaboration solutions across platforms like SharePoint, Box and many legacy content platforms, such as Documentum, especially because there is a huge number of enterprise customers that have both SharePoint and Box.

In a statement to CMSWire, they noted that the point of improved collaboration is to provide business users the ability to work with one another on content, regardless of the location or type of content repository.

"Since AvePoint is focused on collaboration enablement across data silos, our strategy is to help enterprise customers stitch together an easy and simple collaboration strategy across multiple data platforms," Jiang wrote. "We are helping to connect business users seamlessly across platforms, which is a great story in any enterprise.”

It is also driven by the fact the number of content silos that today’s enterprise have to connect with, including both legacy enterprise contentmanagement (ECM) systems and new cloud variants are growing every day.

Learning Opportunities

Luke noted that any ECM system has limited ability to engage with users from other systems could be defined as a silo.Take, for example,EMC Documentum, OpenText eDocs, IBM FileNet, HP Trim orDropbox among others,and yousee that today’s enterprises have multiple data silos that require better access between all of them.

AvePoint has, in the past and will continue in the future, to provide solutions through partnerships with the world's largest content collaboration vendors in order to make collaboration for users seamless and easy," he said.

Information Governance

Connecting SharePoint and Box, though, is part of a wider AvePoint strategy that has, since the company was created in 2001, focused on content governance. If , as we have seen in the past, the word ‘governance’ has the effectiveof a very strong sedative on business users and even some C-Suite executives, there is no getting away from it.

In fact, with explosion in the amount of information pulsing through enterprise business and social channels, the need for a enterprise-wide governance strategy is greater now than it ever was. This is particularly truein the connected and competitive global market, where cloud and mobile and big data are creating disruptions that force many enterprises to rethink IT.

If, as Forrester recently pointed out that CIOs are losing control of IT budgets and that business decision makers will become the main driver behind technology purchase and adoption decisions, the role of governance and CIOS in keeping data secure cannot be overestimated. Jiang added:

While the pace of information exchange and decision making continues to accelerate, the governance of information (who has access to what, when, and where) is fundamental to the success of any growing enterprise.

Helping businesses reconcile these seemingly opposing forces is also AvePoint’s core business given our data governance, mobile, and compliance solutions.So making sure sophisticated enterprise business solutions are easy to use and fully accessible, while ensuring enterprise-grade data governance and security continues to be a big focus for AvePoint.

Meanwhile, AvePoint, in an entirely different partnership, announced at the same time that it its software will now also be available to Rackspace customers.

The hosting and value-added reseller (VAR) agreements will enable Rackspace to offerBackup, SharePoint reporting, and Content Management.