AvePoint Lets You Share With SharePoint

AvePoint just released a new service pack that lets you share and sync files in and out of SharePoint, through the company firewall. More accurately, AvePoint has upgraded its Perimeter Service Pack 4 that allows file syncing and sharing in both directions.

Daniel Wilkens, product manager at AvePoint, called it a substantial upgrade that extends Perimeter's functionality from one-way sharing of information to two-way collaboration.

It allows people outside of the organization to use Office Web Apps "to securely edit content shared with them or upload new content to shared folders or libraries within the Perimeter Portal," he said.

New Features

The new features include:

  1. SharePoint File Sync and Share: Enables users to shoot files back and forth across firewalls as well as view and edit content using Office Web Apps. Users can save content and edits into the source library without the need to download it on either side of the firewall.
  2. SharePoint Productivity: Users can share approved content libraries with one click in the SharePoint ribbon. 
  3. Security: Only content approved for external sharing is exposed. The solution does not give direct access to the SharePoint environment. Furthermore, it logs all actions and those logs can trigger security alerts.

Users can also share and collaborate on mobile by accessing the portal through a browser or by viewing or downloading the content through a mobile application, Wilkens said.

Wilkins said demand for this solution is coming from multiple directions.

"Public sector organizations that need to securely share and collaborate on information between agencies and departments, enterprise organizations looking to extend SharePoint collaboration without having to set up extranets, and mid-market companies who have already invested in SharePoint,” he explained.

In terms of verticals, there is strong demand in education, healthcare, manufacturing and construction, he added.

Wilkens said AvePoint will be integrating SP4 with its upcoming Office Connect product to extend secure sharing for internal and external users to the desktop and other Microsoft applications. This will enable Office users to share information and store it inside SharePoint.

AvePoint also plans to add dynamic watermarking to its sharing capabilities for document tracking purposes, as well as providing profiles for secure sharing based on groups, roles, departments, permission levels, document sensitivity and other criteria.