Blue Rooster Releases Social Productivity Solution for SharePoint 2010

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Blue Rooster has announced Sepulveda, a new enterprise social collaboration solution built on top of SharePoint 2010.

Not Facebook, But More

If you are looking for a social solution that looks and acts like Facebook, then don't look any further, you won't find it here. Blue Rooster's new SharePoint based social software might take a page from Facebook, but it goes much further to provide the social productivity platform that enterprises need.


Sepulveda - Profile page

A New Collaboration Framework

So the name, Sepulveda. There's some meaning behind it -- it's named after "Sepulveda Boulevard, a 42-mile street that connects numerous communities in and around Los Angeles". A fitting name for a solution that takes a number of features found in SharePoint and brings them together in a seamless experience. It's about making users productive, while making SharePoint easier to use.


Sepulveda is a framework composed of a number of web parts and SharePoint features, giving you all the SharePoint functionality you would expect and more under the wing of a community or a virtual workgroup:

  • Integration with Office and Office Web Apps
  • Create profiles, workgroups and communities
  • Commenting, rating, sharing
  • Secure document sharing and document management
  • Personalized home pages and landing pages based on role and department
  • Integration with Outlook, using a special plug-in

Basically it ties together My Sites with Communities -- an example of what Microsoft calls a Composite App for SharePoint.

Learning Opportunities


Sepulveda - Document Sharing

Making SharePoint More User Friendly

Blue Rooster has also developed a full UI for an Apps Library which enables uses to select from a number of web parts or features to add to their profiles, or other parts of their community.

One thing you will notice when you look at Sepulveda is that the ribbon toolbar is gone. It has been hidden and the pages made to look more like web pages -- something we expect to see with all of our social applications these days.

My Sites has been customized to appear more like a personal dashboard for the user, often customized to their role in the company. Additions like Outlook tasks and favorited articles can be seen here, expanding the profile beyond what it is out of the box.

Sepulveda - A Dynamic Digital Workspace

Right now Sepulveda is a solution offering, more than it's a product that you just drop in. I think the key thing here to think about is how the SharePoint platform enables you to build composite applications. It offers a wealth of capabilities that can be tied together to create customizations apps specific to an organization's needs.

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