Blue Rooster's Madison Uses SharePoint, Office, Azure For Document Sharing, Collaboration

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Blue Rooster is back in the news, this time with the release of Madison, document sharing and collaboration built on SharePoint that enables users work on projects both inside and outside the firewalls.

Blue Rooster Document Sharing

Document collaboration across the enterprise is a function that is just about mandatory for any vendor that is hoping to work with enterprises, and while most have some kind of enterprise collaboration functionality, not all have the inside-outside firewall ability that Blue Rooster is talking about in this release.

On top of this, Blue Rooster, which describes itself as an interactive technology consulting firm specializing in collaborative internal- and external-facing social business websites, built Madison to use two different elements that are becoming increasingly important in large enterprises.

Blue Rooster Madison Document Views.jpg

Blue Rooster Madison Document Views 

Microsoft Infrastructure

The first of those elements is the IT infrastructure that is already in place in the enterprise. Madison, Blue Rooster says, was engineered to use that and as most Fortune 500 companies, which make up the bulk of Blue Rooster’s clients are using Office, SharePoint and Azure, Madison can integrate seamlessly into these.

Blue Rooster Document Sharing.jpg

Blue Rooster Document Sharing

"We developed Madison to provide a simple and clean user experience, requiring little-to-no employee training and offering seamless document sharing, all supported by the security of internal networks and Microsoft's proven enterprise software and cloud infrastructure," said Kevin Conroy, Blue Rooster founder and president. 

He points out that while many third-party document sharing apps enable collaboration and sharing, they can be difficult to integrate and create major security headaches when they place documents outside the firewall.

Sharing Big Files

The second element that becoming increasingly common across the enterprise is big files. With the data explosion, the amount of content that is being shared is getting bigger and coming in files that are just too big for conventional sharing.

By this we mean that many of the enterprise files that are shooting around the different departments are too big to be emailed, or require levels of security that cannot be provided by normal shares.

Learning Opportunities

Blue Rooster Activity Feed.jpg

Blue Rooster Activity Feeds

Blue Rooster overcomes this, it says, through the combined SharePoint and Azure platforms providing a layer of security that will meet even the most exacting security standards in the biggest enterprises.

Blue Rooster Features

But there are other elements with Madison that enable sharing in a secure and flexible environment. Among them are:

  • User experience:  Madison has been designed to be easy-to-use. By right-clicking on a document library in SharePoint users are asked to provide an address to send the document to. The recipient receives a link that only they have access to through log-ins.
  • Activity feeds: Activity feeds from across the enterprise have been incorporated into Madison to improve internal communication. The activity feeds are also tied into SharePoint social feeds.
  • Flexibility: Links to content can be sent by instant messenger rather than email by simply cutting and pasting the link.
  • Security: All files can be password protected with recipients only offered access to the specified content. The 'Share with Madison' feature can be added to any document library in SharePoint, but only specified libraries.

And there is more. It provides specific functionality around document preview and commenting in which users comment on shared documents in the preview mode. It also supports a wide range of document types and file formats.

If you want to try it out and sign up for a free account you can do so here. Otherwise check out the video for more information: 

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