Calling James Bond: Igloo Grabs Your Gadget Maker's Name for Intranet Updates

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Q is the head of R&D in James Bond stories, supplying him with all those wonderful gadgets. In honor of the latest Bond movie, Igloo has used the same letter to name the release of a bunch of new virtual gadgets added to its intranet platform. 

The Ontario-based company, which provides a SaaS platform for enterprise collaboration, said that the average worker spends an estimated 28 percent of the workweek just managing email, and almost 20 percent looking for internal information. The Igloo Q release, which the company said is “all about bringing context,” is intended to improve productivity with more than two dozen new features and improvements, including enhanced email integration, a new calendar, better searching and new ways to relate content.

Post Via Email

To more quickly enable intra-company collaboration, the update allows users to post content via email. This means that users can email a file, forum topic, wiki article or blog post for use in those arenas. There are also email integration features, such as setting the ability to post via email across the entire system or by a channel, which can have channel pages or a channel email address. Content in Igloo can now be viewed in Outlook by using RSS to subscribe to a channel.

Events in the updated Igloo calendar can now participate in the intranet, giving events access to social tools like commenting and following. An attendee might, for example, add comments about a given calendar event after it takes place. Summaries can also be added to a calendar event, which will appear in Outlook as notes.

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Learning Opportunities

Attendees can be added via email or a people chooser, and event reminders can appear in Outlook or in attendees’ mobile devices.

Enhanced Search, Relating Content

Igloo has also added functionality that it said brings context to workflows through new kinds of related content. For instance, if a user visits a destination from a link in a blog post, the destination automatically shows a link back to the blog item. Related content can also be added or removed from a post -- a chat dialogue, a document or any other content within Igloo.

The Q release is also intended to improve search by displaying results more quickly. A new people search brings up a search box with possible matches when the user types @ and a name, such as when posting a comment. Selecting a name will notify that person of the comment.

Igloo also now offers more control over the appearance and functionalities of spaces, including departments, communities, committees or projects, and new social analytics report use by space members. A space manager can add a custom header or footer to his spaces, can control subscriptions to content by group members, or can architect navigation hierarchy.

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