CapturetoCloud Relauches as LiveHive: Introduces Collaboration Solution

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Social and visual workspace provider, LiveHive, Inc has announced its LiveHive solution, a cloud-based enterprise collaboration platform.

What’s in a Solution?

Formerly known as CapturetoCloud, LiveHive aims to restructure and redefine the idea of cloud collaboration by allowing colleagues to share, discuss and work within a single workplace, improving both employee engagement and productivity. LiveHive's platform gives users the tools to create a visual and social space that is compatible with any file type -- including Google docs, webpages, emails, photos and video.

In addition, users also have access to an activity stream where they can join a public conversation, post or view content and give feedback on both current and past items. Other features include:

  • The ability to share work spaces while still having control over permissions and to un-link content as needed.
  • Google Docs and Google Contacts are easily integrated
  • Available on desktop, Kindle, Android and iOS apps to ensure that employees can collaborate from wherever they are.
  • Items are collected and added to work spaces through drag and drop, linking or webpage capture.


LiveHive for iPad

LiveHive, CapturetoCloud and Collaboration

In today’s digital business world, files are everywhere and there are countless places to store them. There needs to be a way those files can be organized together, which is what LiveHive, when the company was launched as CapturetoCloud just under a year ago, set out to do with its collaboration and work management approach.

Learning Opportunities

In his review of the iPad application of CapturetoCloud, Will Kelly of Tech Republic found it especially useful for those who need to research and share content.

I do a lot of web research, and a lot of it takes place on my iPad,” he says. “However, I hadn't found a solid solution for using my iPad until I was introduced to CapturetoCloud.”

Additionally, Xath Cruz of the Cloud Times found overall, it is a good collaboration tool.

While it seems like its primary application is for end users who just want to play around with web content or archive their favorite sites, clippings, blogs or whatnot, CaptureToCloud is also very useful as an enterprise collaboration tool, since employees these days spend a lot of their work time dealing with web-based documents and apps rather than desktop files,” he says.

In addition to the company relaunch, it is also offering three work spaces and 300 free items for anyone who signs up for the platform.