Collaborate on Simple, Ad-Hoc Web Conferences With Meet On Web

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Collaborate on Simple, Ad-Hoc Web Conferences With Meet On Web
Not all organizations require feature-rich and expensive collaboration suites. Sometimes all that's needed is a place where team members or correspondents can converge. Meet on Web (news, site) is a new service that offers online conference rooms on the fly.

Meet On Web offers organizations, teams and casual correspondents the opportunity to meet within a web-based interface. Meet on Web goes beyond IM networks or free services such as Skype. Because the service is cloud-based, there is no need to install any software on the client. The system can work on any device that supports Flash and JavaScript.

Meet on Web Beta

Meet on Web is a cloud-based service that lets users run web-based conferences

Rough Around the Edges, But Works as Expected

The service is currently in beta release, and so documentation is a bit sparse. From our preview of the service, following are features that users might find interesting:

Learning Opportunities

  • Support for multiple users. Meet on Web can support an indefinite number of correspondents. Anyone can sign up or be invited, as long as a user has a valid email address.
  • Scheduled conferences. Conferences can be scheduled and invitees are sent reminders when the meeting is about to start.
  • Roles. The service offers different roles, including presenter, correspondent and listener.
  • Presentations. Meet on Web can import any compatible document (photo, presentation, text document) and convert these into slides for presentation to the group. The presenter has the option to zoom in or out, make annotations and highlight items with a virtual "laser pointer."
  • Audio and video. Meet on Web lets users share audio from their microphone and video from the webcam.
  • Translation. Meet on Web can translate text in the chat window. This is useful when corresponding with colleagues, clients or individuals from another country.
  • Desktop sharing. The presenter can share the desktop. Aside from meetings, this can also be used for some basic technical support.

Meet on Web also has simple social networking features that businesses and online professionals might find useful, including a blogging service and an online job market 

Other Free Alternatives?

The service still lacks the refinements and documentation that more established software can offer (such as Zoho Meeting, which we earlier wrote about). But if you're looking for a free cloud-based service that will set you up with scheduled conferences on-the-fly, give Meet on Web a try.