Apple parade

Meeting productivity provider Do has rolled out a new suite of apps for the Apple iPhone and iPad. This debut -- specifically it is a massive overhaul of an earlier iteration of a family of Apple apps -- follows the company's announcement in March that it is integrating with Microsoft Office 365.

Score another one for the tiny start up that is barely a year old.

An Action-Packed Year

Do launched in July 2014 with backing from SherpaVentures, SherpaFoundry and Salesforce. Jason Shah, previously a product manager at Yammer, heads it. The company went on to raise an additional $2 million in March, the proceeds of which it is investing in this and other growth initiatives, Shah told CMSWire.

In particular, it is focusing on mobile enterprise offerings, a space that only recently became Apple friendly.

"The productivity and meeting automation market place has changed rapidly in the space of just a few years," Shah said. "Now, if you are not on mobile, it is simply not possible to get any traction. And increasingly, Apple needs to be included in that statement – if you are not "best in class" on the iPhone and iPad, you can forget about it."

Do is not alone in its assessment about Apple's now outsized presence in the productivity and collaboration category.

To give a few examples, earlier this year Microsoft rolled out a mobile version of Outlook designed for Apple, which largely got rave reviews in the tech press.

This month, Dropbox released an update to its iPhone and iPad apps that, among other upgrades, allows users to create a Word document from within the app.

Also this month, Google announced that it acquired iOS scheduling and productivity app Timeful. "Google wants to increase its prominence on iOS," is how Shah assesses the new investment.

Another Investment

Here's another interesting iOS productivity investment: Sunrise for iOS updated its platform with a new third-party keyboard. Called "Meet by Sunrise," it is billed as "the fastest way to schedule a one-to-one."

The keyboard is equipped with a button that can be pressed to suggest times the user is free, based on his or her calendar.

That feature falls squarely in Do's territory, which targets the annual $37 billion worth of knowledge worker productivity lost to bad meetings with a mix of tools that help users take meeting notes, share files, assign tasks, send out meeting summaries – and of course, easily schedule the meeting in the first place.

"All of these companies are realizing that meeting productivity for the enterprise is a vastly untapped space," Shah said.

Mindful Meetings

Do's new iPhone and iPad apps focus on more than just setting up the meeting. They include work processes for actions typically taken not only before, but also during and after meetings.

Do describes these processes as based on a concept of 'instant mindfulness'. One feature provides real-time stats on how the user's day is unfolding: percentage of the day that remains, number of upcoming meetings, and amount of free time before the end of the workday.

Another feature automatically highlights the current or immediately upcoming meeting on the mobile interface. It's all part of keeping employees "mindful" about what is coming up, Do said.

The apps also have "Quick Actions" so a user can email the meeting participants with one tap, confirm a meeting, or schedule a follow-up.

In short, the features are as streamlined as possible, Shah says. "That is essential for meeting productivity; it is doubly essential when the productivity app is used in a mobile environment."