Working in SharePoint and want to get the word out to your team fast? Sazneo, the UK base group messaging service, has a 5-minute solution that's no more complex than embedding a normal web page.

The real-time messaging solution is for companies looking to improve group communication with a five-minute fix that bolts on to just about any CMS product, from SharePoint to Intranet, a CRM system or even help desk.

CEO Brett Davis said, “Sazneo Embed is ideal for companies that love the idea but are reluctant to introduce a new application onto busy desktops that already have email, instant messaging or social media tools. Many of our clients have already started putting Sazneo into their internal applications and a number of SaaS businesses are now embedding it into their own products to offer a group messaging capability to their clients.”

Placed Inside Any Application 

Sazneo Embedded group messaging can be placed inside any application that is capable of embedding a web page.

The Sazneo web site shows four basic steps

  1. Make sure you are logged into Sazneo and looking at the channel you wish to embed in another application. Create the channel first if it doesn't exist
  2. Look at the URL at the top of your browser and make a note of the channel number, e.g. (The channel number is “1234” in this case)
  3. The URL to embed this channel into another application is:
  4. Embed the channel into your target application in the same way you would embed a normal web page, e.g. using Page Viewer in SharePoint or an iFrame for a web site

The result is improved productivity by keeping focus on the task at hand, while empowering group communication. Davis said in most cases the embedded tool is used as an alternative to email, saving time and eliminating distractions.   

Sazneo Embedded Group Conversation Window

Sazneo Embedded Group Conversation Window

Group Conversations

For example, if you are using SharePoint Team Sites to store documents for your projects, the project team will be able to have a real-time group conversation without leaving SharePoint. The conversations are in context of what the user is doing and they don’t need change the way they work or learn a new application.

Davis was also quick to point out that embedded conversations are also available to mobile workers using Sazneo Mobile. The embedded version is available for download on the company web site and Sazneo offers a 30-day free trial.