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On-the-go managers now have another mobile tool for tracking projects. This week, Ottawa-based FileTrek unveiled its iPad management dashboard tool for workgroup managers.

The free app allows a manager to track project flow, project data and collaborative activity. Project information is continually updated, and a manager can see how project files are related and are being changed.

‘Even Some Fun’

The company said that its FileTrek for iPad is targeted at managers who are responsible for simultaneously overseeing multiple projects that need frequent distribution of current files, such as those involving sales staff, real estate agents, creative services professionals or health care professionals.

Carol Mason, Director of Product Management at FileTrek, noted in a statement that managers “want to view data and activity while on the go, and team members want to report the status of their work without having to write a report or make a phone call.”

In the app, status is simultaneously presented in three up-to-date information feeds for every project -- people, projects and data. Mason predicted that this kind of quick presentation “will change everyone’s mindset as to how to get projects done with greater efficiency,” adding that managers might “even have some fun while doing it.”

Other features of FileTrek for iPad include secure access of data, allowing mobile managers to see the same spreadsheets, presentations and memos as a manager in a company office. With one click, projects or documents that have been synced or shared within FileTrek can be added to the iPad dashboard, and an unlimited number of projects, people or files can be labeled as favorites.

The company noted that, unlike its competitors, its iPad app tracks files that have been downloaded to computers or mobile devices, and not just those in the FileTrek server.

Cover Flow Interface

The app also features a comprehensive view for a given workgroup or project, including all activity, assigned personnel, changes and project dependencies. An event feed presents live activity updates of all FileTrek projects, including changes and sharing status.

In keeping with the iPad’s interaction style, a cover flow interface allows users of the app to visually flip through snapshots of files to find the desired one.

The iPad app is a version of the FileTrek program released in February, which the company has described as “the only combined cloud-based file sharing and tracking solution on the market.”

FileTrek, with offices in Los Angeles and Ottawa, provides mobile content management and tracking solutions for sharing, syncing and versioning activities.