Harmon.ie today addressed one of the biggest issues in cloud computing: how to track everything that happens in the services you are using. It's solution, Collage, pulls together enterprise cloud services onto a single screen and lets users know what’s happening across the cloud ecosystem in which they operate.

The result is a 360-degree view across enterprise cloud services providing workers with a contextual, single-screen activity stream or what Harmon.ie calls a work stream.

Fragmented Cloud Services

From a wider perspective, Collage promises to pull together an increasingly fragmented enterprise IT landscape. But that’s not all, as David Lavenda, vice president of product strategy at Harmon.ie, explained to CMSWire.

Apart from shifting Harmon.ie’s traditional Microsoft focus, it also tackles the problem of next generation vendor lock-in. This occurs when enterprises feel forced to stay with a particular cloud vendor because the services that are being offered by that vendor are only available if they use that vendors’ products.

Take Office Graph for example. Office Graph will give you a business intelligence view of the world and everything that goes on in it. But everything has to be part of the Microsoft ecosystem, and the minute you step of that system it doesn’t work. That’s how they're going to lock you in,” Lavenda said.

While there are many people that will adopt Microsoft Graph and its way of connecting content, there are just as many who prefer to stay outside the Microsoft ecosystem and are looking for ways to keep on top of their environments.

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"There will be many people that who will take advantage of this because they won’t have to manage, or develop anything, andit lets them use whatever they want as operational systems.In these situations, Collage provides a way of managing all of this, of keeping on top of their business,” Lavenda said.

Uniting Digital Fragments

Collage is a response to a digital workplace that is being driven by the proliferation of mobile devices for work and the widespread availability of business cloud services. While these new tools give workers anytime, anywhere access to important business information, their success could also spell their downfall.

Learning Opportunities

To prevent this, Collage federates all enterprises cloud services into a single place. The result is that you can see updates and additions to all the different cloud services that the enterprise is using like those coming to Office 365, Yammer or Salesforce.

It displays updates from disjointed enterprise cloud services, correlating notifications and information into one common language, finding relationships across a variety of sources.

"On top of this, users can also set it up to focus on topics of interest. Not only do you see everything in a single screen — something that would increase all the noise created by all the data coming through these different systems, it also enable users to extract topics from the data and focus on those topics,” Lavenda said. "This makes it easy for users to see trending topics, to see what topics are appearing most in my updates, and when you aggregate this across the organization you get a very good vide of personal line of living. It builds up a personal taxonomy of how the user views the world.”

The initial launch unifies Microsoft Office 365, Yammer and Salesforce notification services. Additional cloud services will be added in 2015.