Social software provider is capitalizing on all the buzz created by the customer preview of the Microsoft Office 2013 release. The company has announced for SharePoint 1.0. The new software allows users to access SharePoint’s collaboration features without leaving their email client.

Quit Switching Screens

Microsoft just finished its preview of the new version of its Office suite, and software companies are already releasing add-ons. has announced a new product that allows users to perform common SharePoint collaboration tasks like uploading documents without leaving Outlook. The new software gives users a consistent user interface across Outlook desktop, web client and on mobile devices.’s Microsoft Office 2013 enhancement has a number of features:

  • Drag and drop publishing of emails or attachments to SharePoint from Outlook
  • Replace attachment in Outlook with links to SharePoint content
  • Search for SharePoint content from within Outlook
  • Check-in, check-out, approve and edit document properties from within SharePoint
  • Rate documents
  • View SharePoint profiles within Outlook

A complete list of the software’s features are available on the product page. The software will be released at the same time as Microsoft Office 2013.


Is This a Trend

Lots of vendors are selling social tools and integrating social features in their existing products. However, in many cases these tools neither streamline work or improve collaboration. They just add another option to the many tools and devices users must access to complete their work. This isn’t just an annoyance. The content users produce can become compartmentalized and difficult to find and reuse.

Solutions that unify multiple tools and reduce the number of applications users must access, like, will become increasingly popular. Vendors like SAP are already going down this path. It’s unclear if smaller vendors like will survive once the major vendors pivot from standalone solutions and instead focus their efforts on integration.