Anyone who is anyone in the SharePoint community has probably heard of Todd Klindt.

Klindt is a self-described professional computer nerd. He's held that title for about the past 15 years, and has focused on SharePoint about the past eight. "His love affair with SharePoint began one slow day at the office when he discovered SharePoint Team Services 1.0 on the Office XP CD that was holding up his coffee cup, and decided to install it. The rest is history," he writes on his homepage.

It's that kind of passion that fuels his many fans to tune into his weekly podcasts Monday at 8:30 CT. An eclectic collection of humor and insight, the podcasts pair Klindt's homespun Iowa charm with his deep understanding of technology.

Friends in High Places


Sometimes he features guests on the show — and we're not talking about his friends down the block (although we're sure they would be quite entertaining). No, Klindt gets high level execs from Microsoft and the like to wax poetically about upcoming releases and bugs in preview versions.

He is currently "working his dream job as a SharePoint consultant at Rackspace where he spends his days fixing broken SharePoint environments and bringing new SharePoint environments into the world." (We're putting that in quotes. Just to be safe.)

But that's not all. In 2006 Klindt was awarded the MVP award from Microsoft for Windows SharePoint Services.

He works with SharePoint farms, both large and small. He has written several books and magazine articles on SharePoint. 

He has presented sessions on SharePoint at many major conferences both in the United States as well as Europe and Asia and does the user group circuit, SharePoint Saturday events "and the occasional children’s birthday party as well."

Anyway, suffice to say, we're big Klindt fans at CMSWire — so we made him a proposition.

Learning Opportunities

More Fun to Share

How many times have you wished you could read at least portions of your favorite podcast during those endless, mind-numbing conference calls? That's what we thought.

But what happens when there's no handy transcript or text version of the podcast for you to quietly scroll while presumably listening to that Oh So Interesting Call?

We asked Klindt if he'd like to collaborate on a pod-share, of sorts. He broadcasts, we transcribe. Or at least summarize, to give you an idea of what his weekly program was all about.

Todd Klindt and his guests have a lot of words. We'll tell you right now: We're not going to get all of them.

We'll try, of course. But our real goal is to give you a flavor of the broadcast and alert you about any big news he or his guests shared (unwittingly or on purpose).

This is SharePoint, after all — and we have to keep our ears open. We don't want to miss any leaks about that ever so secret 2016 version. And we won't — not on Klindt's watch.

Stay tuned. We're squeezing some text-from-talk as we write — and will share what we distill from Todd Klindt's SharePoint Podcast #241 very soon.