It's all about social today. It's a part of everything we do, both personally and in business. IBM recognizes this and has introduced a number of new initiatives today that will help its clients and partners transform their businesses by taking advantage of social capabilities. Here's what they are doing.

Fostering Open Collaboration

It doesn't really matter how you refer to collaboration, it only matters that you understand how important it is to foster it within your organization. To help you do that, IBM is offering a number of technical workshops led by IBM Social Business experts, including interactive online courses, live support and one-on-one guidance.

Additional new initiatives include:

You can read all the details about each of these initiatives for yourself, all applicable to IBM clients, partners and employees.

IBM has also announced a new partnership with Dachis Group, a consultancy focused on social business and brand management. Together they two will offer a social business adoption quick start workshop. The workshop looks at both the implementation of technology and the strategic planning and adoption practices required to encourage open collaboration.

Changing Culture is the Key to Adoption

IBM is one of those companies that believes it must practice what it preaches. This is a big company and I expect that fostering a culture that is open to sharing ideas and knowledge didn't come easy. But it does seem to be a key focus for IBM and that's a great example to provide to customers.

To demonstrate its belief in transparency, IBM has even offered up its own social computing guidelines for all to see.

IBM VP Sandy Carter had this to say about the new initiatives in an interview with Channel Insider:

If I think about what’s happening and the direction were headed, in order to help our clients we at IBM and our partners need a deep knowledge and understanding of the overall adoption and engagement dynamic and the impact we can have with different technologies, and I think we spent 2011 establishing relationships,” Carter said. “In 2012, our role will be to take that insight and lead our clients to that next level of where social can bring them.”

The initiatives noted here are a part of that new mission. I expect that with the Lotusphere conference taking place in Orlando, we will be hearing much more about IBM's plans for supporting clients, partners and employees in social business.