You may recall from the Intranet and Advanced Portal conference in Amsterdam a few weeks ago that the social business elements of intranet development are one of the big trends at the moment. Interact has obviously been paying attention to market needs because v5.1 contains a number of new functionalities that will make intranets more social and easier to manage.

While there are a number of new components added, the one that Interact appears to be really pushing is the Activity Management module, which provides activity distribution and collaboration abilities that makes connecting across the enterprise a lot easier.

But it’s not the only new thing in v5.1: it also comes with four new Interact Apps as well as an enhanced widget admin area to enhance the business management integration on Interact Intranet.

Activity Management Module

This is specifically designed for organizations that are dispersed over a number of locations and enables them to assign business activities to employees through the intranet. It also provides an insight into how employees are progressing on projects, or not progressing, as the case may be.

Interact Intranet v5.1_Activity Management Module.jpg

Activity Management Module

It is different to individual “to do” lists, Interact says, in that not only does it enable employees to create their own list of tasks, but it also enables managers to link content across the intranet to the tasks that they have assigned particular employees.

Interact Apps

The reach of Interact Apps has been greatly extended in this version. It already contains Twitter and Exchange apps as well as a SharePoint app. This time it has added an Interact Translation App that enables users to translate the whole intranet into the language of their choice. There is also a new YouTube app that enables the embedding of videos and playlists into the Intranet without the need for additional coding, as well as a Google Maps Widget.

Rotating Banner Widget

This would not something that springs to mind as a must have app, but it does look pretty cool. It offers the Intranet Manager a way to display multiple items including images, text or html. Its reengineered interface now provides a search functionality that enables the manager to locate specific widgets instantly, while it also offers advice on where the widget can best be placed.

Ingteract Intranet Hopage Apps and Widgets.jpg

HomePage Apps and Widgets management

Like any good upgrade it also comes with product enhancements developed to boost the existing feature set's performance including improved search, improved statistics and search analytics.

The objective of these features is to show who is using the intranet and what they are using it for, which in the current state of intranet development is fundamental. We know that intranets are developing with social and collaboration tools, but it is still unclear in many circumstances as to whether employees are taking to them, or not. V5.1 is available now. If you're interested in more on the translation abilities, check out the video: