IntraLinks has announced the release of Connect, an enterprise-class solution that deals with two of the biggest problems in providing collaboration for its users. The problems in question are collaboration with contacts beyond the firewall, and the related problem of providing security for data that is moving in and out of the enterprise.

Enterprise Collaboration

IntraLink Connect, which has been made publicly available today, provides enterprises with the ability to collaborate with business partners beyond the firewall, while ensuring that users adhere to corporate compliance polices and security demands.

Generally speaking, collaboration systems deployed by enterprises are limited to a number, or group, of users in the enterprise. While there are ways of applying strict administration polices limiting who can do what on Connect, IntraLinks says that it can be extended to cover every employee in that enterprise.

IntraLinks Connect

IntraLinks Connect

IntraLinks makes much of its credentials as a provider of technologies in areas such as strategic transactions and life sciences -- both areas that are dominated by global or geographically dispersed enterprises. The ability to communicate beyond firewalls or across enterprises in these areas should be a real plus.

Connect, Infrastructure

The secure collaboration offered internally and externally, however, goes beyond employees. According to IntraLinks, Connect also offers the ability to extend the company’s infrastructure beyond the firewall too.

In this respect, IntraLinks offers the example of SharePoint -- a good example, given the number of enterprises now using it. Connect, IntraLinks says, can integrate with SharePoint, enabling the secure sharing of content stored on SharePoint with outside partners and clients.

As it also offers visibility and control of content, how and who is sharing what content can be tracked and secured using integrated rights management, permissions and an audit trail.

In addition, it provides a range of enterprise integration connectors, mobile access and, as it offered as a SaaS, it comes cheap and scalable.

Connect, iPad

It should also be mentioned here that with the release of iPad 3 confirmed for March 7, everyone is going to want to know if it works with iPad.

And the answer is, yes, it does. IntraLinks offers Secure Mobile for iPad. It provides extended enterprise benefits from on-the-go access to IntraLinks Connect and IntraLinks Dealspace.

It incorporates security measures that eliminate the risk of data breaches at a device, system and enterprise level. When information is downloaded on a mobile device, it is stored in an encrypted location to protect against unauthorized access by other applications or users and wiped clean upon log-off or when a login time out is exceeded.