Jahia Releases Wise For Sharing, Socializing and Collaborating on Enterprise Documents

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Jahia has just released Jahia Wise enabling document sharing and collaboration no matter what environment you’re working in.

Jahia Wise

That is to say that Wise works either as a standalone, or with Jahia’s Web CMS system, xCM, with the option to use it as an on-premises deployment, or in the cloud. In fact, Wise has been built to be as flexible as possible and designed to meet enterprise needs whatever those needs are.

CMSWire sat down with Jahia to see exactly what it offered and was impressed by its clean user interfaces, and agility. That, however, is personal opinion, and if you want to see more on that you can go back to the preview last month.

The official release is today (Thursday) and with it Jahia is able to shed some light on what’s under the hood of this comprehensive application.

Jahia Wise email document collaboration.jpg

Jahia Wise Document Collaboration

Jahia Wise Functionality

The first thing that Jahia is offering is an application which, it says, costs only a fraction of the cost of other, similar applications from proprietary vendors with the advantage -- leaving aside the reduced cost element -- of not requiring large integration projects to fit into the enterprise environment.

It comes with all the usual sharing and collaborative functions of the systems of competing vendors, but it does so straight out-of-the-box.Other features in Wise include:

  • Document sharing: This comes with versioning and history as well as lock in/lock out, permissions, mass imports, drag and drop import and gallery display.
  • Social Collaboration:Enables users to comment on projects, task assignation, auto tagging, collections, validation workflow, wikis, blogs, notifications and all the other social enterprise features users require for work now.
  • Web content: Enables users to centralize any type of data and avoid the scourge of the development of uncontrolled content siloes. It also enables content clipping for pulling data into the system.

On top of this, Wise also comes with a new email feature that enables users to feed information into project information spaces through the use of email. This also enables the integration and synchronization of email discussions into the collaborative processes being carried out in Jahia.

Jahia Wise email content.jpg

While the features and interfaces will be what attract the business user, it is the flexibility that is the really strong point in terms of the build, making much of the modularity of the Jahia Content Platform.

Agile Jahia Wise

In fact, when we talked with Elie Auvray, CEO of Jahia, about Wise at the end of the summer this was one of the points that he was at pains to underline.

Learning Opportunities

When it comes to enterprise collaboration and document exchange, companies expect more and more integration with the information they share online on their intranet or website. The result is that many solutions on the market are cumbersome, complex and costly -- especially in terms of integration.

In a word, they are ’non-agile’ -- grammatically not very pretty, but in terms of collaborative technologies, something that effectively describes many applications that exist at the moment.

Auvray said that Jahia's driving principal in building Wise the way it did was to streamline the functions so that enterprises choose when they want an avoid big, lumbering, integrated solutions.

Modular Build

The result is that Jahia Wise is an Enterprise solution that has been built with new open source modules as a ready-to-use application out of the box that is available through subscriptions.

Community users also have access to all the modules and tools to build the document sharing solution of their choice with the functionality of their choice, on top of the Jahia Content platform.

Jahia Wise Studio Build.jpg

Jahia Wise Build

This means that while Jahia comes with a whole bunch of functions, users have the option to build the solution using only the functions that they need, which not only saves time, but also dispels with much of the functionality of these systems.

Wise comes on the market today and is available through subscriptions, starting at US$ 4,990 per year. Jahia says it is looking for feedback on Wise and will happily open a dedicated evaluation instance on the cloud upon request.