Cloud-based social collaboration and productivity platform Kona has expanded its file sharing capabilities through an integration with Box, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Kona: The Deltek Collaboration Platform

Kona, which launched earlier this month is part of Deltek, an enterprise software and information solution provider. With Kona, Deltek aims to create a private, but collaborative cloud network that eases project management and improves employee productivity. The service is compatible with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Docs and Yahoo and is available as a desktop or mobile application for iPhone and Android users.

The Digital Workplace

With the move from on premises to cloud storage, users have moved to different services for file sharing. Where document sharing goes, social collaboration follows. Social collaboration platforms have been making an impact. These platforms, like Yammer and Kona, have been created so that employees can instantaneously share documents, work on projects and connect with colleagues without stepping foot outside their own work space.

The Complete Collaboration, File Sharing Package

According to a statement from the company, while digital file storage is a good document management solution, it can also be problematic. Many file storage applications and services are outdated, cause delays and have fragmented interaction. In addition to this, many task management platforms only allow their users to upload files to one storage server. Kona is expanding on its strategy to build a social collaboration platform that focuses on the individual needs of an employee as well as the communal needs of a business and address these problems.

Whether it’s accessing the one billion files that people save to Dropbox every 24 hours, sharing information with Box’s 140,000 business customers across the globe or bringing documents, presentations and other resources into Kona via Google Drive, users can combine their information around conversations and interactions -- in context,” said Scott DeFusco, Deltek’s Vice President for Kona. “…the real value with social collaboration lies more in the interactions between people than just the transactions. “

Kona has updated their platform by letting users upload files from their preferred file storage tool, Box, Google Drive or Dropbox, into their conversations calendars and other activities within the Kona platform. From there they can talk about a project, provide editorial feedback and work on various company strategies and marketing approaches -- without having to leave the social platform to open a new browser window or access another account.