LinkedIn Expands to Japan, Opens Tokyo Office for Support
LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, has its sights set on conquering new markets, and has opened an office in Tokyo to support its growing presence in Japan.

LinkedIn has recently launched support for Japanese, which opened up its market to more professionals in Japan. LinkedIn managing director for Asia-Pacific Arvind Rajan is optimistic about LinkedIn's expansion in the country, citing its talented and skilled pool of professionals. 

With the tremendous talent pool and skill sets of Japanese professionals, LinkedIn will continue to foster a powerful and global exchange of information and opportunities that will help professionals around the world become more productive and successful at what they do every day."

Professional Networking, Localized

Users from Japan (and Japanese users outside the country) have access to the Japanese version, which offers the same features as the English-language social network, but with regional focus. The Japanese edition will also include features for companies, students and new professionals.

LinkedIn is hopeful that localized availability of the professional networking service will help Japanese professionals build their personal brand, maintain an active profile and maintain professional relationships online with fellow locals and even colleagues worldwide. The service also lets businesses take advantage of company-oriented features, such as status updates and job boards. Students and recent graduates can also use the service to get in touch with fellow students or alumni, for advice on job hunting, internship or business opportunities.

APAC Expansion

With more than 120 million members worldwide, LinkedIn wants to ensure a trouble-free social networking experience for its user base. As such, the company has also opened an office in Shibuya, Tokyo, to provide support to local LinkedIn users, as well as to aid in marketing the service in the region, which includes partnerships with businesses and other strategic partnerships. 

The Japan office is the fourth office opened in the Asia Pacific region, with offices in Australia, India and Singapore, where the LinkedIn regional headquarters was launched in May 2011. The company also has plans to open shop in China, which is generally regarded as having an important Internet audience, with about 100 million professionals that the company can woo. LinkedIn was briefly blocked in China in February this year, but now continues to enjoy unfettered access to the social network's approximately 1.7 million users in the country.

LinkedIn is reportedly aiming for at least 20 million users in the region, and will be expanding to more locations in time.