Isn’t it just great when vendors keep their promises?

That's just what Microsoft is doing with it's latest move towards deeper integration of Yammer and Office 365. Another step towards transforming Yammer to Microsoft’s social layer, it provides a single sign-on for Yammer and a feature allowing users to access Yammer with their Office 365 credentials. What's more, it will work in all the different applications that come with Office 365.

Making Sign-On Simple

Single sign-on is a simple concept that enables users sign into a productivity suite like Office 365, for example, and switch back and forth between applications with ease.

In this case, afterusers  sign into Yammer, they will be able to access all the other available features for Office 365 from a navigation bar at the top of their Yammer network page. With a single click, they will be able to toggle between Yammer, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint and other Office apps.

Simple enough, right? Well, yes ... and so it should be. Single sign-ons were designed to make working lives easier, just as this one is. But this is more than just implementation of just another function to an already massive set of apps and functionality that comes with Office 365 and Yammer.

To put this in its proper context we need to go back to March 2012 when Jared Spataro, senior director of Microsoft Office Division, outlined the roadmap for Yammer and its gradual integration with Office 365 

The following March, the roadmap was updated. But it still revolved around three basic phases of Yammer integration into Office 365: basic, deeper and connected experiences.

This year, Microsoft is deepening the connection between Yammer and Office 365. Microsoft describes the latest move as a “significant step” in the achievement of its goals.

2014-11-13 Yammer Office 365 single sign-on.jpg

The single sign-in for Yammer will follow a phased release schedule between December and March.

In a statement about the release, Microsoft recommended that all organizations select Yammer as their default social network. This will ensure that users can easily access Yammer through their Office 365 suite navigation bar, it explained.

Last September, Jeremy Thake, technical product manager told CMSWire’s Dom Nicastro at the SharePoint Tech Conference in Boston that Yammer will become the core of Microsoft's social fabric.

Capabilities like Word document conversations in Yammer are just the beginning of a long process of integration. He also suggested that Yammer will get to a point where users will no long think of Yammer per se, but as simply part of the Office 365 suite.