Social business provider Moxie Software has released its Collaboration Spaces technology, a social activity and workflow tool that will directly compete with Yammer and Jive.

Anyone working in the knowledge sector likely knows it's about people, not technology. However, a trusted collaboration suite can really make things hum whem documents need to be found and coworkers need to be wrangled on multiple projects.

Free the Workflow

Moxie is offering a free version of Collaboration Spaces, and there are Business and Premium versions for US$ 3 and US$ 5 per user per month offerings as well.

"Unlike Jive Software and Yammer, we haven't imposed limitations on the number of users, key features or time of our free product," Tom Kelly, president and CEO of Moxie said in a statement.

"CIOs should not write a check for Jive Software or any of our competitors without trying Moxie's Collaboration Spaces," he said.

So there.

Moxie is already a leader in CRM Web customer service, according to a recent Gartner report, so it's clearly an established enterprise player. Growth in the enterprise collaboration space is obviously tempting for Moxie, and now it's officially in the game with Collaboration Spaces. Build personal, searchable profiles and connect with the experts that can pitch in with that needed insight on a given project.


Connnect employees, customers and partners in one place with Moxie's Collaboration Spaces.

Integrated with Knowledge Spaces

Enterprise vendors are always pushing multiple systems on their customers, and Collaboration Spaces is no different as it integrates with Moxie's Knowledge Spaces knowledge base. That way, it's even easier to point to needed info and connect customers and partners with what they need right when they need it.

Those using Collaboration Spaces can recognize contributions with a thumbs up or a reward to boost reputations and spur adoption. Additionally, Moxie has said it tried to focus on making the system's design intuitive enough that people won't have a steep learning curve. There's always tricks to learn with a new system, but Moxie has built up a decent enough track record so far that this should be a solid addition to its lineup.

For the price, it certainly could be competitive with Yammer and Jive, but we suspect for most customers it will come down to how well it integrates with other systems. That's where Yammer and Jive are ahead for now, but a year from now, we'll see much more clearly where this race is headed.