Social software vendor Mzinga has some updates to its solution OmniSocial, starting with a revamped analytics and business intelligence, but definitely not ending there.

Purpose-Driven is a Requirement

You don't implement social business software for the heck of it, at least I hope you don't. So it's good to see a vendor like Mzinga talk about purpose-driven initiatives that its OmniSocial 2011 platform can support.

There are a few things in the latest release of this social business suite, all with the goal of providing better insights and more value to collaboration and engagement processes.

Says Eve Sangenito, Mzinga VP of Marketing:

With this release, the most significant updates are 1) the unveiling of an entirely new analytics and business intelligence environment, as well as 2) extensive advancements in our social business ecosystem model, which enable organizations to more easily address targeted, purpose-driven social business needs.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

There is a completely new analytics and BI solution in OmniSocial 2011. You get lots of new dashboards with real-time data, and reports that can include things like advanced visualizations, time-series analysis and mobile optimization.


The solution offers a new metadata model that can be extended and a library of reusable data elements. Of course, big data is fully supported so no matter how much information you are dealing with, you can find the information you need.

Connecting to the Business

Eliminating the data silos that can occur when social software is implemented, Mzinga also improved on interoperability including new integrations with social media monitoring tools and email marketing solutions. And on its new developer community you can get a number of RESTful APIs that will help you integrate OmniSocial capabilities with other business applications.

Customize the User Experience

OmniSocial 2011 is a platform that lets you design the right experience for your customer. That includes content management and design control (to support your brand), and new user permission and personalization options.


It's called OmniSocial Experiences and with it you can create custom experiences for different employee or customer groups. But you don't have to create each one from scratch, you can share content and design patterns. You can also share user networks, and collaborative applications. And of course, you can perform analysis across these different sites.

Advancing the Business

It's important to not just spit out another new piece of functionality, but to actually offer capabilities that actually provide some purpose or support some business need. That seems to be what Mzinga has done here. According to Alan Nugent, CEO:

The market demand around social software is continually maturing, and it's important to us to design solutions that enterprises need not just to collaborate, but to be collaborative in a way that advances business and its overall objectives."