Content authors need collaborative tools, and a new partnership is intending to provide just that. Enterprise social collaboration provider Neudesic and content authoring tool vendor MadCap Software have announced they are joining forces to provide social collaboration tools for authors of documentation and other technical content.

The partnership effort is launching MadCap Pulse, which combines MadCap’s authoring tools with the Neudesic Pulse enterprise social collaboration platform. The companies said the new joint product is “the first documentation-centric social collaboration platform that enables technical authors” to collaborate with other authors, employees or customers.

Pulse 3.0

MadCap’s customers will now be able to utilize a social layer to support their work, such as getting answers and feedback from other employees for the creation of a new technical manual.

MadCap Pulse allows technical authors to create communities for expertise sharing, and to communicate or collaborate when needed. Neudesic recently launched Pulse 3.0, which the company said improved its integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The new Pulse version supports direct SharePoint uploading, so that documents can be stored in designated SharePoint sites. There are also now system hubs, which collect and make available data from enterprise apps.

MadCap chief executive Anthony Olivier said in a statement that his company’s customers expect to "have the most advanced authoring tools and technologies available." He added that, by providing access "to the advanced socially-enabled features of Pulse," MadCap was helping to ensure that its customers can leverage social collaboration as a way to achieve the highest level of quality in documentation and other authoring.

OEM Program

Accompanying the launch of the new partnership, Neudesic announced the availability of its OEM program of Pulse for independent software vendors (ISVs). The company said that this program will enable its tools to be embedded into systems and other branded products so they will be used in existing work streams.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Neudesic was founded in 2002 and provides services and solutions based on Microsoft platforms. In addition to the Pulse enterprise social collaboration platform, the company’s products include Neuron-ESB, an Enterprise Service Bus adapter framework to support service-enabled apps and to integrate Web portals to back-end systems.

La Jolla, California-based MadCap Software specializes in integrated, technical communication software for the creation of technical documentation, online help, knowledge bases and other professional or technical content for the Web, print, desktop and mobile.